Redodo 14.6V 20A 充電器(PSE認証済み)
Redodo 14.6V 20A 充電器(PSE認証済み)
Redodo 14.6V 20A 充電器(PSE認証済み)
Redodo 14.6V 20A 充電器(PSE認証済み)
Redodo 14.6V 20A 充電器(PSE認証済み)
Redodo 14.6V 20A 充電器(PSE認証済み)
Redodo 14.6V 20A 充電器(PSE認証済み)

Redodo 14.6V 20A 充電器(PSE認証済み)

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Efficient Charging with 20A Current: This charger uses excellent power control technology, and the output current is 20A, which shortens the charging time and achieves efficient charging. For example, when charging the Zooms 12.8V100Ah lithium-ion battery, this charger can be fully charged in about 5 hours, saving a lot of charging time.
[Supports safe use with multiple protections] Equipped with many protection functions such as overheating protection, output short circuit protection, reverse polarity connection protection and output overvoltage protection, it prevents damage to the charger and battery due to malfunction, making it safer. You can use it with care. It is PSE-certified and is recognized for its safety. With proper circuit design and manufacturing process, this battery charger achieves lower failure rate and longer service life.
[Battery friendly with correct charging] This charger is equipped with a smart charging mode that can automatically adjust the charging current according to the battery condition. Divided into three charging stages: pre-charge, fast charge and floating charge, pre-charge mode helps to rejuvenate batteries, restore batteries that have not been used for a long time or batteries in deep sleep, and extend usage life. increase. Proper charging prevents battery deterioration and allows you to use it longer.
[Easy to use even for beginners] There is no need to set parameters in detail or do complicated wiring. can be charged. Just by looking at the indicator, you can easily grasp the charging status. The indicator is red when charging, blinking red when the protection function is operating, and green when fully charged. Anyone can use it conveniently.
[Applicable to 12V batteries & worry-free warranty] Applies to 12V (12.8V) lithium iron phosphate batteries. Comes with a Japanese instruction manual and provides customer service in Japanese. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.
Redodo 14.6V 20A 充電器(PSE認証済み)

Redodo 14.6V 20A 充電器(PSE認証済み)


Battery pack main parameters

Item: Parameter

Cell: Square LiFePO4 cell

Nominal capacity: 100Ah

Usable capacity: 100Ah

Nominal voltage: 12.8V

Energy: 1280Wh

Charging method: CC/CV

Charging voltage: 14.4V±0.2V

Recommended charging current: 20A (0.2C)

Battery management system (BMS) board: 100A

Maximum continuous charging current: 100A

Maximum continuous charging current: 100A

Maximum discharge current for 5 seconds: 280A

Maximum continuous load power: 1280W

Internal impedance: ≤40mΩ

Protection standard: IP65

Battery pack case: Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS)

Dimensions: L329xW172xH214mm

Temperature range:

Charging: 0℃~50℃

Discharge: -20°C to 60°C

Storage: -10°C to 50°C

①Maximum continuous current that the battery can withstand.

②The maximum continuous output power that the battery can withstand.