About Redodo

More fun, more affordable!

If you want more freedom and a better life, Redodo is the best choice.
Free and vibrant
Redodo was founded by bold explorers with a shared vision in the new energy space, with the best raw materials for lithium iron phosphate batteries, We continue to pursue power electronics, superior manufacturing processes and exquisite assembly structures. Until now, Redodo has been dedicated to creating renewable and eco-friendly batteries to bring more vitality and green energy to people.
More powerful, longer lasting and great value!
We have always been on a mission to make lithium-ion batteries more powerful, longer lasting and cheaper. We design and manufacture high endurance batteries using Grade A battery cells and premium raw materials. This means we can bring you stronger, more durable Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries at unmatched value.
Enjoy fast delivery and comfortable service!
In order for our customers to enjoy our products as quickly as possible, we are devising ways to deliver them as quickly as possible. Japan warehouses are located in Saitama and Chiba in the middle of Japan. We can deliver within 1-3 business days in areas other than Okinawa. Since it is mailed to Okinawa by surface mail, it will be delivered within 7 business days. In addition, our professional team will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.
Sincere Advice and Passionate Service
Purchasing a Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery is a little expensive, but we hope that you will have a pleasant and comfortable shopping experience by using our products at a great price. I'm here. That's why Redodo's after-sales service team provides one-on-one online service. Like a friend, we will provide sincere advice and solve problems together when building a battery system. We believe that buying our batteries will make you feel comfortable.
"I used a lot of other batteries, but Redodo was the best."
As a businessman, I value quality more than price. So I bought Redodo. As a result of various hard tests when I got it, I was able to pass all of them. After that, I bought two 200ah for my friends and used them smoothly without any problems. I've tried other cheap and top rated batteries in the US, but neither is ideal.
After trial and error, I was convinced that Redodo was the best. I already have 7 Redodo batteries and will continue to buy them. Thanks Redodo.
From: A Redodo customer from the United States, started installing an off-grid battery system 5 years ago.
We hope that more customers will choose Redodo.